How we celebrate Communion

ll who are baptized are welcome to receive Holy Communion. This gift is itself the real presence of God’s forgiveness and mercy.

After the sermon and the offering, ushers will indicate when it is your row’s turn to approach the altar. If you choose to participate, join the lines in the center aisle, and when able, please fill in and kneel around the appropriate side of the communion rail.

The pastor will hand you the bread and say “The body of Christ, given for you.” You may respond with “Amen”. After, you are offered wine, into which you may intinct (dip) and then eat your bread. Alternately, you may choose to eat the bread and may drink from the cup directly. With the wine the assistant will say “The blood of Christ, shed for you.” Again, you may respond with “Amen”.  Once you have finished communing, you may return to your seat via the sides.

If you would like to partake in communion but are unable to walk to the front, please notify the usher, and communion will be shared with you at your seat.

First Communion Instruction

Instruction for receiving the Lord’s Supper is provided for fifth grade children who are active participants in the worship life of the congregation.  Instruction involves a combination of in-home and classroom study.  Assisting your child in preparing to receive communion for the first time is an opportunity to talk with your child about the faith we share and to help inform them about the meaning of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Three preparatory meetings occur prior to First Communion (watch Calendar in March and April).

First Meeting: Student Orientation
Second Meeting: Workbooks should be completed by this date
Third Meeting: A parent should plan to attend this session

The children will receive First Communion at the Maundy Thursday service (Thursday before Easter).