The Finance & Stewardship committee promotes Stewardship among our members, prepares church budget, advises on financial issues and funds management, supervises financial secretary and treasurer, advises on insurance, conducts audit of church and day school, visits new members and introduces them to St. Matthew’s Stewardship program.

Looking for an greener, paper-free way to provide financial support?

Simply Giving is a program designed to help you conveniently contribute to St. Matthew’s. Through Simply Giving your gifts are made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account. You determine the frequency of your automatic gift – weeky, semi-monthly or monthly-the amount and the designation-current, benevolence, samaritan &/or building. Your contribution is deposited into St. Matthew’s checking account the same day it is withdrawn from your account at no cost to you.

If you have questions about Simply Giving or would like to enroll, please call the church office.

Offering of our treasure

After the sermon, an offering is collected. Ushers will pass collection plates around the congregation. This offering is a chance for worshippers to financially support the work of the St. Matthew’s community in response to the grace and blessings from God.

Mission Fund

This committee is the custodian of the Saint Matthew’s Lutheran Church Mission Fund. This Fund has been established to support congregational and community projects that are consistent with the ongoing mission of the congregation and to support the ELCA through its outreach programs and Mission Investment Fund.

For more information, check out our Mission Fund Brochure in the document library!

What gifts do you have? Are you looking to find ways to share your spiritual gifts? Want to find out more about your spiritual gifts?

God has given each Christian two vitally important gifts.

First is the gift of faith in Jesus Christ, his work of redemption, and thus forgiveness of sin.

Second is the gift of one or more special abilities, which are used for the purpose of unifying the body of Christ and for the growth of God’s Kingdom. These abilities are called spiritual gifts and they are received through our baptism.

Like other presents, it is impossible to fully appreciate and make use of our spiritual gifts until they have been opened. The ELCA has provided a Spiritual Gifts Self-Assessment website which will help begin to open our spiritual gifts by guiding you through some activities and questions.

If you are looking for ways to share your gifts at Saint Matthew’s, please check out our Time and Talents sheet in the document library. Fill it out, share it with our office, and share your gifts with our congregation!

Committee Chairperson

Gaye DeCesare

Meetings – 1st Thursday of the month

Email – Please visit this page